2016 Fat Bikes

Carbon frame + Carbon fork + New colours and huge clearance for 4" Tyres. Good geometry for hard trail riding. 


France Bike 2015 - Blast 27.5 close-to-perfect

France Bike reviews the 27.5 Blast 27.5 Trail bike. 

See the full article in French


Step on the pedals and the bike literally flies without effort and despite the short rear stays stability and maneuverability was extremely high. The CarboFlex pivotless rear stays has very addictive performance with the sensation of hypersensitive suspension which absorbs all obstacles in it's path and increases traction.

The rear suspension is very comfortable on long fireroad marathon trails but on technical trails the Blast has exceptional climbing abilities partly due to the sensitive and active rear suspension keeping the rear wheel on the ground in harsh terrain.

High speed handling is very stable while the front 68.5º is not too shallow making it really excel at all types of riding styles.

A close to a do-it-all bike that simplifies perforformance for Marathon and trail riders.

You can purchase the Blast 27.5 directly from us - That means you got way more bike for your dollar with prices starting at $4,695.00 and $2,895 for framesets. 

Blast 27.5 120mm
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A perfect finish.

Now available on our carbon frames - A new lacquer finishing that further protects from harmful UV greatly reduces chips and scratching. We will be releasing details on our new custom program available to our customers. 

New Range 2015 - #RIDEFORFUN

Three new models for the 2015 Year.  The 2015 bikes range has sufferd a deep renovation. Since the dawn of the 29" and 27,5" we have been progressively adapting ourselves to the new sizes. However, it's the 2015 range where we're absolutely focused on them and we've developed 3 brand new models aimed to different targets.

More parts and accessories will be released in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned.


A new "Do-it-all" 29ER with refined kinematics, light and super stiff chassis is one bike that can do everything. Full carbon fibre construction,  120mm travel, supple and active suspension complete with "pivotless" CarboFlex stays offer a smooth and controlled ride. Can be run with a 140mm front fork for heavy trail duties or 120mm fork for quick marathon racing. At 11.5kg, one of the lightest in it's class.  Framesets will be available for all those custom tuners.

BLAST 29ER - Lightweight, 120mm Do-it-all trail bike

BLAST 29ER - Lightweight, 120mm Do-it-all trail bike

Suspension kinematics designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain

Suspension kinematics designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain


Mercury EVO 27.5"

Looking at getting into the 27.5" wheelsize - this is your time. A high performance full carbon fibre chassis which is light, stiff and comfortable.  Available at 3-points with a super affordable aluminium modelFull Carbon Fiber 27.5" Hardtail

Booty - Our First Fat Bike

Get some fat Booty. Our first fat bike built for snow, desert and massive backcountry adventures. Super rigid Aluminum frame with support for 4.00" Fat Tyres like the new Maxxis Mammoth. The frame has been designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain and featuring the new Fat Bike specific fork - ROCK SHOX Bluto


European designed Fat Bike

European designed Fat Bike

650B / 27.5 Dropout Adapter available now

We have the new dropouts to suit 2013/2012 Blast frames that converts your existing from to fit the every popular 650b wheel size. The sandwich type dropout is slightly extended and a new post mount brake adapter for caliper alignment.  Expect to get better rollover combined with the quick and nimble Blast DNA - Perfect for hard and fast XC racing or lightning quick trail rides.

MSC Bikes 2014

Getting ready for the new year, we have launched a stack of new bikes which includes the fast growing 650b wheelsize.

For 2014 the Blast is now 27.5 compatible it gains a slacker head angle and a slightly longer wheelbase that provides stability at high speeds. The very successful suspension kinematics remains, supple on the chatter bumps with great mid-stroke support for great handling and manouverability. A very slick new paint scheme to go with the bigger wheel size.

The Zion MPS2 is also 650b compatible, a 150mm trail bike that is light enough to handle trail duties but with the MPS2 suspension system the bike can be setup to handle the very rough and aggressive trails of Enduro competition.  The MPS2 system relies on a single pivot design with a closed rear triangle for maximum stiffness but with our unique linkage driver we can tune  the leverage curve to the style of bike. ie High leverage ratios high responsiveness for increased traction at the sag point with lowered leverage towards the end of the stroke for bottom out resistance.

Ultralight Series alu pulleys

Available Now! Currently the lightest alu pulleys available. Made from AL7075T6, anodised and laser etched with convenient rotation markings. Available in Red, Gold, Silver, Black and Blue

Enduro Magazine Australia Reviews the Blast

The premier Australian marathon magazine, Enduro has reviewed our Blast. Who does not love the Blast ? Grab Issue #24 of Enduro Magazine and read about it, plus lots of other great reads, including an in-depth interview with Paul van der Ploeg, great race reportage from 24-hour events, high profile marathons and from the emerging gravity enduro race format.

You can read the review over here. But we thoroughly advise you pickup your own hard copy - nothing compares the feel of a good quality magazine!!

Big thanks to the crew at Enduro magazine for their massive efforts in creating issue #24 and of course taking the time to review our bikes.

"Combined with the stiff frameset and relatively low weight, the Blast is an enthusiastic bike to ride"

"The Blast can scratch it's way up some very ugly climbs"

"It's in these smaller details that you can appreciate the bike's overall quality. The parts are are all rock solid"

".....It's a heck of a lot of fun to ride"

".....riding the Blast was for us the perfect antidote to some of the dull and trail-numbing 29ers we’ve been on lately"

Nuno's Bike of the Day via VitalMTB

Hey nice bike Nuno!

This is Nuno's Hunter RR SX with some custom parts make for an exciting Enduro machine. 170mm of rear travel combined with the well balanced MPS2 suspension. Seek,  Destroy and Shred!

Check out the full specs over at VitalMTB

The perfect wheelset for your bike

The MSC Transformer wheelsets are ideal for you bike no matter what type of hub spacing your bike has. The Transformer Wheels were designed to meet 3 important requirements

  • Low weight
  • Servicieability
  • Responsiveness

We offer 3 different "series" to suit riders of XC/trail, Enduro and Freeride/DH starting at a very competitively priced $750.00

Suitable for 142mm, 135mm, 9mm, 15mm and 20mm fronts. We use a thru-axle which supports the bearing more effectivily and is easily interchanged between stanards.

These wheels are stiff and highly responsive, lightweight and easily serviced with off the shelf parts which we also sell but you can grab them at your local bike shop as well.  We use Pillar double butted spokes and our own exclusively designed eyletted rim which is strong and stiff and allows high spoke tensions which adds to the responsiveness and snappy feeling of the wheels on the trail.

We use larger than normal japanese bearings in our hubs (6804) which help displace forces evenly and provide a smooth and free rolling wheel. Bearings are supported by the through axle so there is less binding of the bearings under load.

 Choose a wheel, each one is a winner.

  1. MSC300 Carbon / 1280grams
  2. Transformer Light / 1430grams
  3. Transformer / 1700grams
  4. Transformer Freeride and DH / 1900grams

Check out TODOMTB review of the wheelsets. FAST!

Open for business 24/7

We are proud to announce the new MSC Bikes eStore, serving AUS, NZ, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Not only does the new MSC Bikes eStore allow quick and convenient purchases of spares and components but it is also serves another purpose of being our quick-reference online catalogue. With our components line constantly growing and evolving the eStore is the best format to show off and present all the components in a central location.

Stay tuned as we will be having sales of ex-demo/display and older year models all with factory warranty and fantastic pricing. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to get hold of the latest news and special offers in the future! Check out the eStore

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MSC Factory Racing - Cyclocross

The MSC Bikes Factory Racing has no limits, Patxi Cia and Antonio Santos were racing CX in Valencia.

Foto by - PinaCDM

Foto by - PinaCDM

Australia Agrees, the Blast is Fast!

Australian Mountain Bike magazine has recently reviewed the MSC Blast and they also agree, it is one fast bike! Scoring a respectable 8/10. They liked the efficiency and acceleration abilities as well as the rear suspension performance ability to eat up rough and loose trail obstacles.

"The Blast is a very capable climber, the suspension behaves very well, particulary when using the 39t ring, where bob was kept to the minimum"

"The Blast was so easy to propel forward, I was able to spin out the 39-tooth easily"

You can check out the review over here

The Blast is without a doubt one of the fastest bikes on the trails and not forgetting the Spanish Powerhouse, Patxi Cia taking victory in the Navarra MTB Championships in Spain plus his multiple winnings in Marathon and Short track races throughout the season aboard this highly awarded bike.

Patxi Cia - Unstoppable

MSC Bikes rider has matched this weekend Roberto Lezaun's "5-in-a-row" record. Patxi Cia won the 21st edition of the Diario de Navarra Open after his second place in the muddy and slippery Luquin circuit.

Patxi commanded the races in the first 4 laps, but due to the track conditions he was forced to slow down of his 29er and achieving a 2nd position that allowed him to win the Open.

MSC Bikes rider matched Roberto Lezaun's 5-in-a-row victories, confirming his amazing state of form and the awesome team built with the new 29er Carbon, as well as the Blast.

With one last race remaining, Patxi is matematically champion of the Open Diario de Navarra 2012 and with this victory closes an incredible year, winning the "Open de Euskadi Marathon", the "Campeonato de Euskadi de XC y MX" and the "Campeonato de Navarra de XC y carretera".

MSC Bikes Factory Racing

Competition runs in the veins of MSC Bikes. Four times UCI Team of the year awards won by the legendary MSC-Maxxis team.

With the astonishing results of Patxi Cia throughout the last season, riding the new Blast and newly released 29ER Carbon. MSC Bikes has signed two new riders that will accompany Patxi Cia, Antonio Ridao (Sevilla, 1993) and Yago Sardina (Toledo, 1991)

Both bikers have shown in recent years its quality and potential in the junior ranks of MTB racing in the U23 category. They also have a promising future and certainly reap great success. MSC has focused on developing junior riders to compete at the next level.

The MSC Factory Racing team will be riding the Blast Carbon RR, 29ER Carbon and proudly supported by MAXXIS, Marzocchi and MSC Components.

We value their trust in our brand and we hope for a successful season!

Born in Barcelona, 1999

This video tells a story, a story of a company that was born in Barcelona more than 10years ago. With this video we want to pay tribute to the city that saw us born and raise.

Fast, Light, Stunning, Razor Sharp.

We have always made bold statements when it comes to bike design and innovation. Our Koncept 7.9kg fully, WCR 7.5kg hardtail, the Zion 10kg All-Mountain bike and not to mention our plethora of highly detailed components.

We can now confidently say our 120mm Blast xc/marathon weapon is setting the benchmark. 

  •  Voted Best Bike Taipei Cycle 2012
  •  d&i Award 2012 
  •  Ridden to over 7 podiums by Champion of Navarra, Patxi Cia.
  •  Ridden by Patxi Cia to a 1st place win at the Ibiza Ultra Team Marathon race
  •  Carbon design and manufacturing engineered in partnership with research institute AMADE in  Spain.

Blast carbon @ the UK Cycle Show

But don't take our word for it, see what the press is saying 

"The effectiveness of the bike was astonishing. Everything has been thought out focusing on efficiency, and no doubt MSC has achieved it" , Solo Bici

"Climbing is incredibly effective. When pedaling, we noticed that there is little movement or any type of interference, so that the use of pedaling force is maximum", solo bici

"MSC was looking for a machine to win races, and with MSC Bikes racing heritage, they have succeeded", Solo Bici

"In short, the Blast is an incredibly effective bike that you can point and shoot with great speed", solo bici

"A mid travel MTB without limits", VTT Mag 

"The geometry of the Blast aligns perfectily with the kinematics of the rear suspension", VTT Mag

" The smallest obstacle is sucked up by the rear suspension and lets not forget the uphills under hard pedalling the rear suspension does not move a hair"

"We notice on paper the slack seat angle, this position is excellent in terms of look, geometry, suspension balance, stiffness and stable handling" VTT Mag

"Lightness and high stiffness combined together complete the Blast as extremely precise and accurate in all terrains" VTT Mag

"Exquisite details like the completely internal brake and gear housing as well as rear shock lock and drop post routing" VTT Mag

Tapered and massive head tube area | 17mm main axle and a slack and forward placed seat tube for increased swing-arm rigidity

Tapered and massive head tube area | 17mm main axle and a slack and forward placed seat tube for increased swing-arm rigidity

The New Leader

Does Sebas ever take "bad" photos? Every shot is always perfect. This is a spectacular shot by Sebas Romero taken for the review of the Blast Carbon in Solo Bici 254, Spains official MTB Magazine.

Incredibly effective - ( Translation from the Blast R Carbon Review, Solo Bici 254 )

When you ride on the bike you feel comfortable, but with a position that is aggressive sensed from the front, despite having a relatively slack seat angle. In our case a seat positioning adjustment was necessary to feel more at ease.

The operation that offered us the Blast Carbon was surprising. With 120 mm of rear travel, initially we were expecting more or less what provides the "bulk" or "mainstream" market trail bikes, that are just here or there. An error occurred. It  seems a touch more a cross-country machine to a trail bike, in every way. Certain it is that there are now bikes considered cross country "of a lifetime" with 110 or 120 mm of travel, so thinking coldly, it is not so rare.

Climbing is incredibly effective. When pedaling, we noticed that there is little movement or any type of interference, so that the use of pedaling force is maximum. The Carbo-Flex system makes swingarm carbon returns to its initial position at the time that already has absorbed the impacts very quickly, and this is a great advantage when we got, since the trend is the constantly recover its position, but in turn makes you feel slightly less absorption of what we like when going downhill, since his movement does not have the sweetness of a swingarm with pivot point.

Aesthetics and weight of the bike is spectacular.

MSC has made a bicycle that is halfway between a trail and a rally model; a bicycle equipped with a shock absorber with a hard setting and a very good pedalling system.

The effectiveness of the Blast Carbon left us very shocked. Everything has been designed to achieve this performance, and no doubt MSC has achieved

TEST: MSC Blast R bike is premium in the effectiveness of pedaling and suspension performance, which gives the Blast a highly competitive character, as it is proving by Patxi Cia in the Open of Euskadi, where holds a solid lead with this model.

We will present our readers a full translated review of the Solo Bici article so stay tuned.

Transformer Wheelsets

The MSC Transformer wheelsts have been tested side by side and TODOMTB concludes the wheels are extremely stiff laterally, smooth and fast rolling, highly durable after weeks of use and abuse and look fantastic. And the easy changing of the axle system to handle all the latest standards without additional charges is also a great plus.

This is what TODOMTB had to say.

"With such high stiffness, we had to lower the tire pressure"

"The wheels are stiff well above others we've tested, and certainly we can ensure that this parameter is well above the top end some of those that come to our mind when we change mind set of wheels."

"Some of the wheels we've tested in the past tend to be too excessive in lateral flexion, something almost non-existent in these three models."

"We faced very technical stretches where we escaped with confidence, as we have seen that not flex easily.  The wheels feel very stiff over rough and technical terrain, more precise and direct feeling on the terrain."

"Something else we have noticed is the increase in the use of the brake, and that maintaining constant speed higher than normal, this forces us to abuse front brake, this is a good thing because it shows the smooth roll each set of wheels"

We have done a nice translation so you can check out the review in english over here.

MSC Transformer Light (XC / Trail)

  • Aluminium rim.
  • Swiss steel spokes 2-1.8-2 mm.
  • Anodized 7075 T6 aluminium.
  • MSC Transformer Front Hub 24R (QR9x100 / QR15x100 / M20x110).
  • Transformer Bushing Rear MSC 28R (QR9x135 / M10x135)
  • Weight of 1,434 grams without skewers.
  • MSC wheels Light Transformer now available in version for chamber and can be found for a price of $959.00 for the set, all axles included.

MSC Transformer (for All Mountain and Enduro)

  • Aluminium rim.
  • Swiss steel spokes 2-1.8-2 mm.
  • Anodized 7075 T6 aluminium.
  • MSC Transformer Front Hub 32R (QR9x100 / QR15x100 / M20x110).
  • Transformer Bushing Rear MSC 32R (QR9x135 / M10x135 / M12x135).
  • Weight of 1,700 grams without skewers.
  • Transformer MSC wheels and disc are available in sets and can be found for a price of $850.00 for the set.

MSC Transformer FR (Freeride and DH)

  • Aluminium rim.
  • Swiss steel spokes 2-1.8-2 mm.
  • Anodized 7075 T6 aluminium.
  • MSC Transformer Front Hub 32R (QR9x100 / QR15x100 / M20x110).
  • Transformer Bushing Rear MSC 32R (QR9x135 / M10x135 / M12x135).
  • Weight of 1,900 grams without skewers.
  • Transformer MSC wheels and disc are available in sets and can be found for a price of $850.00 for the set.