The perfect wheelset for your bike

The MSC Transformer wheelsets are ideal for you bike no matter what type of hub spacing your bike has. The Transformer Wheels were designed to meet 3 important requirements

  • Low weight
  • Servicieability
  • Responsiveness

We offer 3 different "series" to suit riders of XC/trail, Enduro and Freeride/DH starting at a very competitively priced $750.00

Suitable for 142mm, 135mm, 9mm, 15mm and 20mm fronts. We use a thru-axle which supports the bearing more effectivily and is easily interchanged between stanards.

These wheels are stiff and highly responsive, lightweight and easily serviced with off the shelf parts which we also sell but you can grab them at your local bike shop as well.  We use Pillar double butted spokes and our own exclusively designed eyletted rim which is strong and stiff and allows high spoke tensions which adds to the responsiveness and snappy feeling of the wheels on the trail.

We use larger than normal japanese bearings in our hubs (6804) which help displace forces evenly and provide a smooth and free rolling wheel. Bearings are supported by the through axle so there is less binding of the bearings under load.

 Choose a wheel, each one is a winner.

  1. MSC300 Carbon / 1280grams
  2. Transformer Light / 1430grams
  3. Transformer / 1700grams
  4. Transformer Freeride and DH / 1900grams

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