MSC Bikes 2014

Getting ready for the new year, we have launched a stack of new bikes which includes the fast growing 650b wheelsize.

For 2014 the Blast is now 27.5 compatible it gains a slacker head angle and a slightly longer wheelbase that provides stability at high speeds. The very successful suspension kinematics remains, supple on the chatter bumps with great mid-stroke support for great handling and manouverability. A very slick new paint scheme to go with the bigger wheel size.

The Zion MPS2 is also 650b compatible, a 150mm trail bike that is light enough to handle trail duties but with the MPS2 suspension system the bike can be setup to handle the very rough and aggressive trails of Enduro competition.  The MPS2 system relies on a single pivot design with a closed rear triangle for maximum stiffness but with our unique linkage driver we can tune  the leverage curve to the style of bike. ie High leverage ratios high responsiveness for increased traction at the sag point with lowered leverage towards the end of the stroke for bottom out resistance.