MSC Spain put together a special F5. The F5 Tandem so that Jordi Garnell and Alfons Bayonas could ride like mad men downhill - This time it's in Saint Andreu, Barcelona.

The stoker is blind, trusting your teammate taken to a new level.  



New Range 2015 - #RIDEFORFUN

Three new models for the 2015 Year.  The 2015 bikes range has sufferd a deep renovation. Since the dawn of the 29" and 27,5" we have been progressively adapting ourselves to the new sizes. However, it's the 2015 range where we're absolutely focused on them and we've developed 3 brand new models aimed to different targets.

More parts and accessories will be released in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned.


A new "Do-it-all" 29ER with refined kinematics, light and super stiff chassis is one bike that can do everything. Full carbon fibre construction,  120mm travel, supple and active suspension complete with "pivotless" CarboFlex stays offer a smooth and controlled ride. Can be run with a 140mm front fork for heavy trail duties or 120mm fork for quick marathon racing. At 11.5kg, one of the lightest in it's class.  Framesets will be available for all those custom tuners.

BLAST 29ER - Lightweight, 120mm Do-it-all trail bike


Suspension kinematics designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrainMercury EVO 27.5"

Looking at getting into the 27.5" wheelsize - this is your time. A high performance full carbon fibre chassis which is light, stiff and comfortable.  Available at 3-points with a super affordable aluminium modelFull Carbon Fiber 27.5" Hardtail

Booty - Our First Fat Bike

Get some fat Booty. Our first fat bike built for snow, desert and massive backcountry adventures. Super rigid Aluminum frame with support for 4.00" Fat Tyres like the new Maxxis Mammoth. The frame has been designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain and featuring the new Fat Bike specific fork - ROCK SHOX Bluto


 European designed Fat Bike


650B / 27.5 Dropout Adapter available now

We have the new dropouts to suit 2013/2012 Blast frames that converts your existing from to fit the every popular 650b wheel size. The sandwich type dropout is slightly extended and a new post mount brake adapter for caliper alignment.  Expect to get better rollover combined with the quick and nimble Blast DNA - Perfect for hard and fast XC racing or lightning quick trail rides.


Vendetta e-ride Featuring the awesome eGo system

MSC's newest hybrid bike that includes the awesome electric technology from eGo. Top speeds of 70km/h and 190mm of rear wheel travel results in some serious fun.

MSC Vendetta e-ride from MSC Bikes on Vimeo.



MSC Bikes 2014

Getting ready for the new year, we have launched a stack of new bikes which includes the fast growing 650b wheelsize.

For 2014 the Blast is now 27.5 compatible it gains a slacker head angle and a slightly longer wheelbase that provides stability at high speeds. The very successful suspension kinematics remains, supple on the chatter bumps with great mid-stroke support for great handling and manouverability. A very slick new paint scheme to go with the bigger wheel size.


The Zion MPS2 is also 650b compatible, a 150mm trail bike that is light enough to handle trail duties but with the MPS2 suspension system the bike can be setup to handle the very rough and aggressive trails of Enduro competition.  The MPS2 system relies on a single pivot design with a closed rear triangle for maximum stiffness but with our unique linkage driver we can tune  the leverage curve to the style of bike. ie High leverage ratios high responsiveness for increased traction at the sag point with lowered leverage towards the end of the stroke for bottom out resistance.