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Does Sebas ever take "bad" photos? Every shot is always perfect. This is a spectacular shot by Sebas Romero taken for the review of the Blast Carbon in Solo Bici 254, Spains official MTB Magazine.

Incredibly effective - ( Translation from the Blast R Carbon Review, Solo Bici 254 )

When you ride on the bike you feel comfortable, but with a position that is aggressive sensed from the front, despite having a relatively slack seat angle. In our case a seat positioning adjustment was necessary to feel more at ease.

The operation that offered us the Blast Carbon was surprising. With 120 mm of rear travel, initially we were expecting more or less what provides the "bulk" or "mainstream" market trail bikes, that are just here or there. An error occurred. It  seems a touch more a cross-country machine to a trail bike, in every way. Certain it is that there are now bikes considered cross country "of a lifetime" with 110 or 120 mm of travel, so thinking coldly, it is not so rare.

Climbing is incredibly effective. When pedaling, we noticed that there is little movement or any type of interference, so that the use of pedaling force is maximum. The Carbo-Flex system makes swingarm carbon returns to its initial position at the time that already has absorbed the impacts very quickly, and this is a great advantage when we got, since the trend is the constantly recover its position, but in turn makes you feel slightly less absorption of what we like when going downhill, since his movement does not have the sweetness of a swingarm with pivot point.

Aesthetics and weight of the bike is spectacular.

MSC has made a bicycle that is halfway between a trail and a rally model; a bicycle equipped with a shock absorber with a hard setting and a very good pedalling system.

The effectiveness of the Blast Carbon left us very shocked. Everything has been designed to achieve this performance, and no doubt MSC has achieved

TEST: MSC Blast R bike is premium in the effectiveness of pedaling and suspension performance, which gives the Blast a highly competitive character, as it is proving by Patxi Cia in the Open of Euskadi, where holds a solid lead with this model.

We will present our readers a full translated review of the Solo Bici article so stay tuned.