Australia Agrees, the Blast is Fast!

Australian Mountain Bike magazine has recently reviewed the MSC Blast and they also agree, it is one fast bike! Scoring a respectable 8/10. They liked the efficiency and acceleration abilities as well as the rear suspension performance ability to eat up rough and loose trail obstacles.

"The Blast is a very capable climber, the suspension behaves very well, particulary when using the 39t ring, where bob was kept to the minimum"

"The Blast was so easy to propel forward, I was able to spin out the 39-tooth easily"

You can check out the review over here

The Blast is without a doubt one of the fastest bikes on the trails and not forgetting the Spanish Powerhouse, Patxi Cia taking victory in the Navarra MTB Championships in Spain plus his multiple winnings in Marathon and Short track races throughout the season aboard this highly awarded bike.