2012 Bikes Collection

MSC Bikes :: Pioneers of the bike industry.

  • Lightest XC production dually. We got it! 5 years gone and still going strong.
  • Lightest 150mm trail/am bike. We'll give the others a few more years to catch up
  • G-Con equipped DH bike. First ever on a serialised production run
  • Naming rights to the lightest bike components ever produced

Without a doubt the small guys from Gavà, Spain are consistently kicking it to the big guns. For 2012 we introduce two new models; the already highly awarded Blast Trail bike and the blindingly fast and race ready F5 Evo Downhill bike. The whole range has had component tweaks which include newer and lighter components, drivetrain and brake updates from SRAM. Our RR series bikes now feature the beautifully designed Ultralight II series components which have shaved the total weight of the 2012 bikes. And of course the addition of the fantastic new Transformer wheelsets which have already proven to be lightweight, stiff and extremely versatile - from XC all the way to DH applications.

We have always placed our technological advancements and innovations first. Riding an MSC Bike means that you are not going to ride a common bike. Riding an MSC Bike is a way of life. It is a statement of your refusal to conform to mainstream and market driven "off-the-shelf" solutions. When you ride an MSC Bike, you ride with style.

Welcome to the 2012 MSC Bikes Collection. It's time for a better bike.