Patxi Cia wins the Ibiza Ultra Team

Last Saturday, Patxi Cia took home a fantastic victory for MSC Bikes at the Ibiza Ultra Team. A tough 107km marathon distance race, it was absolutely dominated by Patxi. Armed with his new MSC Blast, Patxi confidently attacked the field at the 7km mark - and held off the field for the remaining 100km!

During the race, Patxi gained a 10 minute lead on the closest rider. He had to backtrack a few times due to some erroneous course markings but that did not stop him from taking home the win.

Patxi is in great form for the season having won two races in a row on the Blast. His victory at the Getxo Indar Bike was just 2 weeks before. Stay tuned for more updates and coming up, a technical review of the new MSC Blast.