"A long travel MTB without limits"

Prestigious French magazine VTT Mag highlights the versatility of the Blast, affirming that the bike suits riders who seek that perfect balance between performance and comfort. VTT Mag concludes their review of the MSC Blast with this ambitious sentence.

"A long travel MTB without limits"

With these words, the French magazine closes the article and also depicts the successful year that 2012 has been for the Blast.Since its presentation in mid-2011 and its arrival to the market this spring, the Blast has garnered numerous accolades for its detailed design and engineering. 

The Blast won the 2012 Taipei Cycle d&i Award for the best bike achieved in the Taipei Bike Show and has achieved extraordinary results with MSC Bikes rider Patxi Cía. On the Blast, Patxi has won 5 podiums in a row (and counting) including the Navarra Championship.

In collaboration with the "Centre Tecnológic de la Universitat de Girona" and the "AMADE Center", experts in the development and test of compostite materials– MSC Bikes is proud to present to you the Blast.

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