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2016 Fat Bikes

Carbon frame + Carbon fork + New colours and huge clearance for 4" Tyres. Good geometry for hard trail riding. 


France Bike 2015 - Blast 27.5 close-to-perfect

France Bike reviews the 27.5 Blast 27.5 Trail bike. 

See the full article in French


Step on the pedals and the bike literally flies without effort and despite the short rear stays stability and maneuverability was extremely high. The CarboFlex pivotless rear stays has very addictive performance with the sensation of hypersensitive suspension which absorbs all obstacles in it's path and increases traction.

The rear suspension is very comfortable on long fireroad marathon trails but on technical trails the Blast has exceptional climbing abilities partly due to the sensitive and active rear suspension keeping the rear wheel on the ground in harsh terrain.

High speed handling is very stable while the front 68.5º is not too shallow making it really excel at all types of riding styles.

A close to a do-it-all bike that simplifies perforformance for Marathon and trail riders.

You can purchase the Blast 27.5 directly from us - That means you got way more bike for your dollar with prices starting at $4,695.00 and $2,895 for framesets. 

Blast 27.5 120mm
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A perfect finish.

Now available on our carbon frames - A new lacquer finishing that further protects from harmful UV greatly reduces chips and scratching. We will be releasing details on our new custom program available to our customers. 

New Range 2015 - #RIDEFORFUN

Three new models for the 2015 Year.  The 2015 bikes range has sufferd a deep renovation. Since the dawn of the 29" and 27,5" we have been progressively adapting ourselves to the new sizes. However, it's the 2015 range where we're absolutely focused on them and we've developed 3 brand new models aimed to different targets.

More parts and accessories will be released in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned.


A new "Do-it-all" 29ER with refined kinematics, light and super stiff chassis is one bike that can do everything. Full carbon fibre construction,  120mm travel, supple and active suspension complete with "pivotless" CarboFlex stays offer a smooth and controlled ride. Can be run with a 140mm front fork for heavy trail duties or 120mm fork for quick marathon racing. At 11.5kg, one of the lightest in it's class.  Framesets will be available for all those custom tuners.

BLAST 29ER - Lightweight, 120mm Do-it-all trail bike

BLAST 29ER - Lightweight, 120mm Do-it-all trail bike

Suspension kinematics designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain

Suspension kinematics designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain


Mercury EVO 27.5"

Looking at getting into the 27.5" wheelsize - this is your time. A high performance full carbon fibre chassis which is light, stiff and comfortable.  Available at 3-points with a super affordable aluminium modelFull Carbon Fiber 27.5" Hardtail

Booty - Our First Fat Bike

Get some fat Booty. Our first fat bike built for snow, desert and massive backcountry adventures. Super rigid Aluminum frame with support for 4.00" Fat Tyres like the new Maxxis Mammoth. The frame has been designed around the XX1/X01 drivetrain and featuring the new Fat Bike specific fork - ROCK SHOX Bluto


European designed Fat Bike

European designed Fat Bike

Enduro Magazine Australia Reviews the Blast

The premier Australian marathon magazine, Enduro has reviewed our Blast. Who does not love the Blast ? Grab Issue #24 of Enduro Magazine and read about it, plus lots of other great reads, including an in-depth interview with Paul van der Ploeg, great race reportage from 24-hour events, high profile marathons and from the emerging gravity enduro race format.

You can read the review over here. But we thoroughly advise you pickup your own hard copy - nothing compares the feel of a good quality magazine!!

Big thanks to the crew at Enduro magazine for their massive efforts in creating issue #24 and of course taking the time to review our bikes.

"Combined with the stiff frameset and relatively low weight, the Blast is an enthusiastic bike to ride"

"The Blast can scratch it's way up some very ugly climbs"

"It's in these smaller details that you can appreciate the bike's overall quality. The parts are are all rock solid"

".....It's a heck of a lot of fun to ride"

".....riding the Blast was for us the perfect antidote to some of the dull and trail-numbing 29ers we’ve been on lately"

Australia Agrees, the Blast is Fast!

Australian Mountain Bike magazine has recently reviewed the MSC Blast and they also agree, it is one fast bike! Scoring a respectable 8/10. They liked the efficiency and acceleration abilities as well as the rear suspension performance ability to eat up rough and loose trail obstacles.

"The Blast is a very capable climber, the suspension behaves very well, particulary when using the 39t ring, where bob was kept to the minimum"

"The Blast was so easy to propel forward, I was able to spin out the 39-tooth easily"

You can check out the review over here

The Blast is without a doubt one of the fastest bikes on the trails and not forgetting the Spanish Powerhouse, Patxi Cia taking victory in the Navarra MTB Championships in Spain plus his multiple winnings in Marathon and Short track races throughout the season aboard this highly awarded bike.

The New Leader

Does Sebas ever take "bad" photos? Every shot is always perfect. This is a spectacular shot by Sebas Romero taken for the review of the Blast Carbon in Solo Bici 254, Spains official MTB Magazine.

Incredibly effective - ( Translation from the Blast R Carbon Review, Solo Bici 254 )

When you ride on the bike you feel comfortable, but with a position that is aggressive sensed from the front, despite having a relatively slack seat angle. In our case a seat positioning adjustment was necessary to feel more at ease.

The operation that offered us the Blast Carbon was surprising. With 120 mm of rear travel, initially we were expecting more or less what provides the "bulk" or "mainstream" market trail bikes, that are just here or there. An error occurred. It  seems a touch more a cross-country machine to a trail bike, in every way. Certain it is that there are now bikes considered cross country "of a lifetime" with 110 or 120 mm of travel, so thinking coldly, it is not so rare.

Climbing is incredibly effective. When pedaling, we noticed that there is little movement or any type of interference, so that the use of pedaling force is maximum. The Carbo-Flex system makes swingarm carbon returns to its initial position at the time that already has absorbed the impacts very quickly, and this is a great advantage when we got, since the trend is the constantly recover its position, but in turn makes you feel slightly less absorption of what we like when going downhill, since his movement does not have the sweetness of a swingarm with pivot point.

Aesthetics and weight of the bike is spectacular.

MSC has made a bicycle that is halfway between a trail and a rally model; a bicycle equipped with a shock absorber with a hard setting and a very good pedalling system.

The effectiveness of the Blast Carbon left us very shocked. Everything has been designed to achieve this performance, and no doubt MSC has achieved

TEST: MSC Blast R bike is premium in the effectiveness of pedaling and suspension performance, which gives the Blast a highly competitive character, as it is proving by Patxi Cia in the Open of Euskadi, where holds a solid lead with this model.

We will present our readers a full translated review of the Solo Bici article so stay tuned.

Solo Bici 254: The MSC Blast is Incredibly Effective.

Photography by Sebas Romero

Photography by Sebas Romero

Producing a beautiful product can seem easy, but it's in fact something extremely complex. Achieving the perfect harmony between beauty and function is a job that deserves to be recognized.

Less than a month ago we published the test from the French magazine VTT Mag where they praised the bikes versatility and performance. One month later we've have received the review from ever popular European Solo Bici magazine (July Edition) in which they have done an excellent article where they put the Blast to test. In brief Solo Bici expresses the Blast's exceptional pedalling efficiency and chassis stiffness combined with its fantastic aesthetics with a high quality component spec completing the job with very minimal weight (10.88kg). Not only has the Blast scored great numbers in the recent magazine test but true to our racing heritage, the Blast truly performs at another level with the newly crowned 2012 Euskadi Champion, Patxi Cia and his amazing 6 podium wins for the first half of this year!

"The effectiveness of the bike was astonishing. Everything has been thought aiming that goal, and no doubt MSC has achieved it"

Since the very first sketches of the Blast we knew it would be a special bike, a model that would define our present and future. Counting Patxi Cia's results as victorys and the specialized press' response when they test it fills us with pride.

MSC and competition have always gone hand in hand and 10 years later its imprinted in our DNA. In the article Solo Bici confirms the Blast's heritage and the race-winner it has become. They highlight the great rigidity of the frame and the quality of the components, resulting in a balanced and versatile bike.

"AMADE-MSC: Perfect marriage"

Completing the fabulous test, Solo Bici was present months ago along with MSC on AMADE (Analysis and Advanced Materials for Structural Design) facilities in Girona when the Blast was under developement to monitor the study of the carbon frame.

Now, along with the bike's test, Solo Bici publishes the write-up about AMADE's work in collaboration with MSC. The text also contains an interview with Marc Gascons i Tarrés, responsible for the Mechanics Engineering department where he answes questions about the procedures and philosophy and the relation with MSC.

2012 has definitely been an exciting year for MSC Bikes and especially the Blast bike. The awards keeping flowing in, the excellent reviews and high praise keep growing. If you own a quality bikeshop in Australia or New Zealand and would like to experience the performance of the Blast, and truly see how special this bike is, please contact us for information and future demo dates.

You can download the review and report from Solo Bici July 2012.

Solo Bici July 2012 - Blast R Review (Spanish)

Solo Bici July 2012 - Testing with Amade (Spanish)

2nd Place for Patxi in the 5th round of the Caja Rural Cup

Patxi went right at the gun and took a 10second lead on Latasa Diego (Conor Saltoki), with the chase group 20seconds back. Patxi was again riding the new MSC Blast dually which he quoted at the end of the race, that it greatly aided his podium finish for the fast and technical circuit.

Patxi battled it out with Ismael Ventura (Chain Reaction Cycles) in the later stages of the race, with Ismael attacking in the final kilometers and taking out the win over Patxi.

We look forward to the next stage of the Caja Rural which will be held on the 3rd of June 2012.

Patxi Cia leading Ismael Ventura

Patxi Cia leading Ismael Ventura

MSC Bikes Factory Rider - Patxi Cia

MSC Bikes Factory Rider - Patxi Cia

Patxi Cia, Ismael Ventura, Ja Ruiz De Larrinaga

Patxi Cia, Ismael Ventura, Ja Ruiz De Larrinaga

Chaper II - Blast Arise

A combination of mad alchemy and Constant Evolution. From the darkest dreams of our craziest engineers the Blast arises. Chapter II - Blast Arise

Press Release - F5 Evo

Our F5 has already had a long history on the World Cup circuit and after extensive rider feedback, we introduce the new F5 Evo. The simple and clean lines of the original F5 remain. But the geometry has been re-engineered with a lowered bottom bracket making it even more stable at high speeds. In Ferrari Red, the F5 Evo is stunning.

Slack and Low. We lowered the Bottom Bracket by 10mm which keeps the Centre of Mass as low as possible allowing more stability at higher speeds and increased mid-corner control. We slackened the Head Angle by 1º and with our unique adjustable headset sleeve, you can run a 64º-65º-66º head angle to suit your style or track.

clockwise: Adjustable Head tube via CNC internal sleeve. Super-Stiff CNC micro-link. Reinforced BB and our 153gram TriFit Carbon Chainguide.

clockwise: Adjustable Head tube via CNC internal sleeve. Super-Stiff CNC micro-link. Reinforced BB and our 153gram TriFit Carbon Chainguide.

CNC'd Reinforcements. A new reinforced CNC Micro-Link is now used to form the leverage modifier, similar to what is found on our 170mm Enduro bike, the Hunter. This reinforcement allows the shock movement to be smoother with less binding and consistent motion under heavy loads - the difference can be felt in the initial shock stroke which is now smoother and more responsive than before. We still carry over our exclusive Multi-Progressive Suspension System utilised on the previous F5.

Burly and highly resistant. Extra reinforcements at the Bottom Bracket junction - Not just for extra durability but for increased stiffness under heavy loading and competition riding. Like all of our bikes, the simple yet highly effective suspension design provides beautiful form but most important high functional design. The rebound and compression controls for the rear shock can always be easily accessed. Bearing maintenance is fuss-free. And for 2012 we have the Elka Stage 5 rear shock which is pictured above, the Canadian designed and manufactured shock is not only lightweight but offers a large amount of rebound,  LSC and HSC adjustment which allows you to get your bike dialled just the way you want it.

Fast. The F5 Evo still remains as our flagship Downhill race bike. In bright Ferrari red the F5 Evo looks fast even standing still. You can expect delivery of the first F5 Evo's in the beginning of May. 

F5 Evo Features:

  • Fully closed rear triangle for huge rear end stiffness 
  • 219mm Rear Travel with Multi-Progressive Leverage ratio (MPS)
  • Oversized and reinforced main pivot
  • 83mm BB standard
  • 150mm Rear Spacing
  • Elka Stage 5 Compatibility
  • MSC World Cup Racing geometry
  • CNC'd Reinforced micro-link
  • 64º-65º-66º head angle (Adjustable with Headset CNC internal sleeve)
  • 344mm Bottom Bracket Height
  • 16.00kg RR build weight


Taipei Cycle 2012 - MSC wins award for Best Bike!

First it was the Magik Stem awarded at Eurobike and now our new trail bike - The Blast.  The Blast is due to be released in mid April, it will only be available in limited production due to the complex and time consuming manufacturing processes.

Innovation and progressive design is always refreshing especially when the bike world is being drowned with a flood of "cookie cutter" bikes. It is our mission to constantly push the envelope in design, engineering and innovation.

Isn't it time for a better bike?

Hunter Attack plan!

A wickedly good introductory offer, we are offering the awesome new MSC Hunter FS+Fork combo. 

Package includes

  • MSC Hunter alu6060 T6 frame, MPS2, 170mm  rear travel
  • Rock Shox Lyrik R U-turn 160mm-115mm
  • FOX RP23 Boost Valve, HV 200mm
  • MSC 1-1/8th headset in gold ano of course.
  • MSC ERGO Seatpost binder
  • RRP $2999.00 For a limited time only

You can contact us at info [at] and enter "Hunter Attack" as your subject for more information.


Twenty Eleven Two Nine

2011 WCR 29er by MSC Bikes

Two years in development and 3 different prototypes, get ready for the MSC 29er!

MSC Bikes product managers and engineers have once again proven their experience and their new design philosophies to create a 29er that looks stunning and performs like no other. 

Our goal was to create a no compromise 29er. We wanted a 29er that could handle the rough terrain, be super stiff under power and still have excellent trail feel. Using a heavily hydroformed tubeset crafted from our proprietery CaTal aluminium, we have created a frame which stops trail buzz dead in its tracks.

You can race it, trail-ride it or do all-day backcountry epics - with some Spanish pizazz to boot. MSC Bikes continues to redefine the benchmark with our lightweight 26" full suspension bikes and the new do-it-all Hunter Enduro bike. We continue this tradition by creating a 29er which will raise the standards once again. 

Many racers and riders who have had the opportunity to test our 29er prototype have mentioned that it feels like a natural evolution of a 26" bike, handling is spot on, vertically compliant and exploits all the advantages of the 29er concept.

 Key Characteristics of our WCR 29er

- MSC Proprietery Catal aluminium with heavily hydroformed tubeset with internal butting

- MSC's Proprietary 29er race / trail geometry

- Smooth welding

- Super durable powder coated finish

- Direct Mount Front Derailleur

- Post Mount rear brake tabs

- Continuous gear housing setup

- Adjustable rear dropouts. Great for SS conversions or just dialing in your preferred chainstay length.

- 11.1kg (no pedals)

- RRP AUD$3499.00 / Frame - AUD$1299.00

Loaded with quality. A full range of the MSC Ultralight series components fitted as standard.

Sublime finish - Powder coated with blue detailingMSC Ultralight Crankset with ceramic bearings - Fitted as standard. Smooth welding. Ultralight forged stem and Ultralight Series bars. Loaded with quality. A full range of the MSC Ultralight series components fitted as standard.

Sneak Peek - MSC Blast

There is a new MSC bike about to emerge which will BLAST an impact in the X-Country/Trail segment with 120mm travel.

Soon to be released. XC/MARATHON Trail Rocket

Soon to be released. XC/MARATHON Trail Rocket

To be continued...  

9 point 7kg - Lightest trail bike on our planet.

Fanatic. We had a customer recently spec up a new Zion Carbon, a true weight weenie at heart and XC fan but looking at stepping into some of the bigger stuff. "I could have gone lighter, but I wanted a bike that I can ride all day long without any hassles"

Jaw dropping. This Zion has been built with a very moderate spec but has achieved an astonishing weight that most of the "other" XC bikes struggle to reach. The Zion is in its own category and it's all class. Lets not forget the Zion has 147mm/6" of travel in the rear and the frame is built to chew up and spit out the rough stuff and with the MTS you can switch out the travel to 127mm/5" if you feel like it. Is that like having your cake and eating it?

Versatility. "I'm an XC guy and didn't want to lose the flickability and quick handling of a steeper head angle. With the TALAS set in 110mm, the head angle is still steep enough to handle tight and tech terrain, but then can easily be set back to 150mm to handle all the rough chop. Overall I am pretty stoked"

Ultralight. Part of the total lack of weight of this bike is from the careful selection of MSC Ultralight components, by far some of the lightest and best looking parts you will ever see, combined with the low weight of the Zion Carbon frameset you have a perfect combination.

Amazing. Some serious bike hotness and not to mention truckloads of genius engineering.  Stiff carbon rocker, Ti hardware, 100% sealed bearings, integrated housing, beautiful uni-directional carbon layup and clean and simple decals. Check out some of the pics of the this build. Specs below.

Fork: F32 110mm-150mm TALAS RL FIT 

Rear Shock : DT Swiss XM190

Drivetrain: Mix of X0/XT and X9

Crankset: Race Face Next SL 3x

Wheelset: MSC395 (XC Race) / MSC 450(Trail )

Bars/Stem/Post: MSC Ultralight Series / MSC Height adjust post(Trail) 

Weight: 9.7kg 


XC Setup: 127mm rear and 110mm front. Trail setup: 147mm rear and 150mm front. Universally perfect.

XC Setup: 127mm rear and 110mm front. Trail setup: 147mm rear and 150mm front. Universally perfect.

MSC Ultralight 8.5 gram seat clamp with Ti hardware.

DT Swiss XM190 Rear shock. Full open or locked out. Full gas or nothing!!

MSC Ultralight forged stem and Carbon bars. Lightweight and powerful Formula R1's.

MSC Ultralight Triple butted carbon post and Ultralight Ti+Composite saddle

MSC Chain guide, BB mount. Fight the chain drop but keeping it looking good at the same time.

MSC Chain guide, BB mount. Fight the chain drop but keeping it looking good at the same time.

Got rigidity? Massive 3D reinforcement ensures the front end is super stiff. Point and shoot with absolute precision

Mountains of class. 100% designed and Engineered in Gavà, Spain.

MSC Hunter

2 years developing the new MPS2 platform. Thousands of hours prototyping and testing.  10 years of Constant Evolution.

This is the new MSC Hunter!

The Hunter is a bike which has been dialed for Enduro and All-Mountain riding, its uniqueness comes from its its all-round versatility and perfectly refined 170mm of rear suspension travel that provides air-shock sensitivity that challenges coil spring performance. A rear suspension that competes with the big hit performance of taller travel bikes combined with excellent climbing efficiency. A heavily hydro-formed tubeset not only flows in perfect geometry, but provides huge stiffness through the trickiest terrain. The super stiff rear swing arm has been optimised to be extremely resistant through the fastest berms and let you descend the roughest descents in confidence.


SoloBici no. 235

"It's absorption abilities go beyond many, many downhill bikes equipped with the latest rear shocks" "It's something that you will not believe if you do not try it"


Available in 2 sizes, short and long

Frame weight: 3,550 grams

Features: MPS2, Internal cable routing, ISCG05 tabs, Direct mount FD

Rear Shock: Fox RP23 High Volume Boost Valve

Available in 3 build specs Hunter RR, Hunter R and the base Hunter. Also available as a frameset. (Limited time intro pricing $2999.00 Frameset, inc headset and seat clamp + FOX RP23 HV BV + RS Lyrik R fork)

So, what are you waiting for?

Feel free to Contact us if you require any more information. Contact

Pic of the Day

Our F5 looks even better in action.

Five generations of Constant Evolution, this is the F5

Frame: MSC F5 ALUT6061-T6 Monocoque with the exclusive Multi Progressive Suspension with 219mm of rear travel. An adjustable head angle of 65° or 66° or 67° and a low frame weight of only 3980 grams, the F5 is truly an amazing machine.

Do you want to be inspired?

MSC Bikes - Constant Evolution.

Image courtesy of Ngawa, our faves. (


DJ In style. 

  • Japanese Sanko CrMo
  • Water jet cut girl and rear bridge
  • 100% Style
MSC IL Capo | Photo courtesy of BK

MSC IL Capo | Photo courtesy of BK

MSC IL Capo | Photo courtesy of BK

Water Jetting | Photo courtesy BK

Water Jetting | Photo courtesy BK

Water Jetting | Photo courtesy BK

MSC Hunter ridden!

The MSC Hunter was built from the ground up to conquer the European Enduro racing format, 170mm of rear wheel travel, super stiff chassis and super balanced suspension that climbs as well as it descends - perfect for Australian trails. This is not a "hardened" up XC/Trail bike either, the Hunter has been engineered from feedback from some of the best DH and Freeride riders of the last decade.

After testing riding the new Hunter, Javi Echavarria writes about the new MSC Hunter - which sums up how the Hunter performs in the real life.

"It's been long time I wanted a bicycle like this. Climbing and reaching every corner of our mountains to seize the most technical downhill areas and really speed it up.

Suspensions are super balanced and sometimes do not seem to have 170mm of travel behind you ... but a lot more. Berms are very easy to pass through, because the swingarm is very stiff and geometry is also very well designed to adapt the bike to the pedaling sections or to the climbing ones, as in the downhill tracks.

Rising up or down the adjust seat post on my own, adjusting the travel of your fork or setting the Pro Pedal compression of the rear shock gives the rider many options on the ride.

Next year I'm planning a trip to Whistler and if I had no choice but to take a single bicycle for this trip, no doubt, I would choose the Hunter as a single bike you can pedal on very long trails or descend on the most demanding bikepark tracks. "

MSC Hunter RR - With Mavic Crossmax SX wheels

MSC Hunter RR - With Mavic Crossmax SX wheels