MSC Hunter ridden!

The MSC Hunter was built from the ground up to conquer the European Enduro racing format, 170mm of rear wheel travel, super stiff chassis and super balanced suspension that climbs as well as it descends - perfect for Australian trails. This is not a "hardened" up XC/Trail bike either, the Hunter has been engineered from feedback from some of the best DH and Freeride riders of the last decade.

After testing riding the new Hunter, Javi Echavarria writes about the new MSC Hunter - which sums up how the Hunter performs in the real life.

"It's been long time I wanted a bicycle like this. Climbing and reaching every corner of our mountains to seize the most technical downhill areas and really speed it up.

Suspensions are super balanced and sometimes do not seem to have 170mm of travel behind you ... but a lot more. Berms are very easy to pass through, because the swingarm is very stiff and geometry is also very well designed to adapt the bike to the pedaling sections or to the climbing ones, as in the downhill tracks.

Rising up or down the adjust seat post on my own, adjusting the travel of your fork or setting the Pro Pedal compression of the rear shock gives the rider many options on the ride.

Next year I'm planning a trip to Whistler and if I had no choice but to take a single bicycle for this trip, no doubt, I would choose the Hunter as a single bike you can pedal on very long trails or descend on the most demanding bikepark tracks. "

MSC Hunter RR - With Mavic Crossmax SX wheels

MSC Hunter RR - With Mavic Crossmax SX wheels