Surpassing all EN and EFBE standards


Taiwanese Manufacturing

The ability to manufacture in our own MSC Taiwan offices has been instrumental in maintaining the Spanish design ethos. Unlike other brands that rely on contract manufacturing which can lead to miscommunication and quality issues, we consistently produce our bicycles and components to our specifications with the highest quality. The end result is flexible and adaptable product design. 


Combining over 12 years of bike design experience and cutting edge carbon technology, MSC Bikes design the stiffest and most impact resistant bikes available.  We put all our bikes through stringent test processes to target the following:

  • Bottom Bracket and Head Tube stiffness 
  • Frontal impact fatigue 
  • Impact load 
  • Carbon impact 
  • Cyclic pedal load 

The end result is a premium quality bicycle that has been thoroughly researched, tested and fanatically designed.


Our knowledge extends to components. Rapid prototyping and high flexibility allows us to bring products to market quicker than other brands. This means you get to ride cutting edge components before anyone else.