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Then and Now

Chapter 1: Then and now.

Out of the ashes of our increasingly industrialised world, a green shoot of hope rises. To launch its innovative MSC Ambassadors program, MSC Bikes has released its video “Then and Now”. Ripe with imagery and shot against a backdrop of grey surrealism,  MSC sure know how to set the scene for Apocalypse. Climb aboard and check it out.


Nice bikes. Nice trails. But what does it all mean?

Bicycles were first introduced at the dawn of the industrialised age in the 19th century amidst a spate of creativity in Europe. Fast forward two hundred years and bike manufacture has become largely a churn and burn industry more reminiscent of factory assembly lines than European creativity. Because of this, bike technology has remained stagnant. While we have witnessed the evolution of car design (from petroleum to electric, from streamlined to chunky to streamlined again), our bikes have remained relatively slow on technology uptake. If we continue along that path, the industry can only spiral downwards.

Let’s change that reality. Let’s move away from mass manufacture of a beautiful machine, and support innovation, creation. Be an MSC Ambassador. Let’s propagate that seed of hope.