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Press Release - F5 Evo

Our F5 has already had a long history on the World Cup circuit and after extensive rider feedback, we introduce the new F5 Evo. The simple and clean lines of the original F5 remain. But the geometry has been re-engineered with a lowered bottom bracket making it even more stable at high speeds. In Ferrari Red, the F5 Evo is stunning.

Slack and Low. We lowered the Bottom Bracket by 10mm which keeps the Centre of Mass as low as possible allowing more stability at higher speeds and increased mid-corner control. We slackened the Head Angle by 1º and with our unique adjustable headset sleeve, you can run a 64º-65º-66º head angle to suit your style or track.

clockwise: Adjustable Head tube via CNC internal sleeve. Super-Stiff CNC micro-link. Reinforced BB and our 153gram TriFit Carbon Chainguide.

clockwise: Adjustable Head tube via CNC internal sleeve. Super-Stiff CNC micro-link. Reinforced BB and our 153gram TriFit Carbon Chainguide.

CNC'd Reinforcements. A new reinforced CNC Micro-Link is now used to form the leverage modifier, similar to what is found on our 170mm Enduro bike, the Hunter. This reinforcement allows the shock movement to be smoother with less binding and consistent motion under heavy loads - the difference can be felt in the initial shock stroke which is now smoother and more responsive than before. We still carry over our exclusive Multi-Progressive Suspension System utilised on the previous F5.

Burly and highly resistant. Extra reinforcements at the Bottom Bracket junction - Not just for extra durability but for increased stiffness under heavy loading and competition riding. Like all of our bikes, the simple yet highly effective suspension design provides beautiful form but most important high functional design. The rebound and compression controls for the rear shock can always be easily accessed. Bearing maintenance is fuss-free. And for 2012 we have the Elka Stage 5 rear shock which is pictured above, the Canadian designed and manufactured shock is not only lightweight but offers a large amount of rebound,  LSC and HSC adjustment which allows you to get your bike dialled just the way you want it.

Fast. The F5 Evo still remains as our flagship Downhill race bike. In bright Ferrari red the F5 Evo looks fast even standing still. You can expect delivery of the first F5 Evo's in the beginning of May. 

F5 Evo Features:

  • Fully closed rear triangle for huge rear end stiffness 
  • 219mm Rear Travel with Multi-Progressive Leverage ratio (MPS)
  • Oversized and reinforced main pivot
  • 83mm BB standard
  • 150mm Rear Spacing
  • Elka Stage 5 Compatibility
  • MSC World Cup Racing geometry
  • CNC'd Reinforced micro-link
  • 64º-65º-66º head angle (Adjustable with Headset CNC internal sleeve)
  • 344mm Bottom Bracket Height
  • 16.00kg RR build weight


Pic of the Day

Our F5 looks even better in action.

Five generations of Constant Evolution, this is the F5

Frame: MSC F5 ALUT6061-T6 Monocoque with the exclusive Multi Progressive Suspension with 219mm of rear travel. An adjustable head angle of 65° or 66° or 67° and a low frame weight of only 3980 grams, the F5 is truly an amazing machine.

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