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Solo Bici 254: The MSC Blast is Incredibly Effective.

Photography by Sebas Romero

Photography by Sebas Romero

Producing a beautiful product can seem easy, but it's in fact something extremely complex. Achieving the perfect harmony between beauty and function is a job that deserves to be recognized.

Less than a month ago we published the test from the French magazine VTT Mag where they praised the bikes versatility and performance. One month later we've have received the review from ever popular European Solo Bici magazine (July Edition) in which they have done an excellent article where they put the Blast to test. In brief Solo Bici expresses the Blast's exceptional pedalling efficiency and chassis stiffness combined with its fantastic aesthetics with a high quality component spec completing the job with very minimal weight (10.88kg). Not only has the Blast scored great numbers in the recent magazine test but true to our racing heritage, the Blast truly performs at another level with the newly crowned 2012 Euskadi Champion, Patxi Cia and his amazing 6 podium wins for the first half of this year!

"The effectiveness of the bike was astonishing. Everything has been thought aiming that goal, and no doubt MSC has achieved it"

Since the very first sketches of the Blast we knew it would be a special bike, a model that would define our present and future. Counting Patxi Cia's results as victorys and the specialized press' response when they test it fills us with pride.

MSC and competition have always gone hand in hand and 10 years later its imprinted in our DNA. In the article Solo Bici confirms the Blast's heritage and the race-winner it has become. They highlight the great rigidity of the frame and the quality of the components, resulting in a balanced and versatile bike.

"AMADE-MSC: Perfect marriage"

Completing the fabulous test, Solo Bici was present months ago along with MSC on AMADE (Analysis and Advanced Materials for Structural Design) facilities in Girona when the Blast was under developement to monitor the study of the carbon frame.

Now, along with the bike's test, Solo Bici publishes the write-up about AMADE's work in collaboration with MSC. The text also contains an interview with Marc Gascons i Tarrés, responsible for the Mechanics Engineering department where he answes questions about the procedures and philosophy and the relation with MSC.

2012 has definitely been an exciting year for MSC Bikes and especially the Blast bike. The awards keeping flowing in, the excellent reviews and high praise keep growing. If you own a quality bikeshop in Australia or New Zealand and would like to experience the performance of the Blast, and truly see how special this bike is, please contact us for information and future demo dates.

You can download the review and report from Solo Bici July 2012.

Solo Bici July 2012 - Blast R Review (Spanish)

Solo Bici July 2012 - Testing with Amade (Spanish)

Patxi Cía: 2012 Euskadi XC Champion

The Patxi - Blast duet is unbeatable this season, proving that the biker it's in an impressive fitness level and the Blast, the most advanced bike built by MSC has no rival in his hands.

The biker won this last weekend the 2012 Euskadi XC Championship that took place in the town of Izurdiaga.

Patxi had a great start and on the first lap made the best time in the whole run. From that moment on, he increased progressively the gap with Álex Ordeñana and Marcos Domínguez, finishing with a 3 minute margin.

Patxi is getting the best from himself and the Blast this season, winning 5 races and finishing on the top 3 on 2 in the last 8 races.

Next big challenge for Patxi will take place next saturday: Pedals de Foc Non Stop (Fire Pedals Non Stop), a btt raid with over 220km lenght, 6200m positive incline and more than 10 hours on the bike. It will take place in the Pirineu Català (Vall d'Aran).

2nd Place for Patxi in the 5th round of the Caja Rural Cup

Patxi went right at the gun and took a 10second lead on Latasa Diego (Conor Saltoki), with the chase group 20seconds back. Patxi was again riding the new MSC Blast dually which he quoted at the end of the race, that it greatly aided his podium finish for the fast and technical circuit.

Patxi battled it out with Ismael Ventura (Chain Reaction Cycles) in the later stages of the race, with Ismael attacking in the final kilometers and taking out the win over Patxi.

We look forward to the next stage of the Caja Rural which will be held on the 3rd of June 2012.

Patxi Cia leading Ismael Ventura

Patxi Cia leading Ismael Ventura

MSC Bikes Factory Rider - Patxi Cia

MSC Bikes Factory Rider - Patxi Cia

Patxi Cia, Ismael Ventura, Ja Ruiz De Larrinaga

Patxi Cia, Ismael Ventura, Ja Ruiz De Larrinaga

Sneak Peek - MSC Blast

There is a new MSC bike about to emerge which will BLAST an impact in the X-Country/Trail segment with 120mm travel.

Soon to be released. XC/MARATHON Trail Rocket

Soon to be released. XC/MARATHON Trail Rocket

To be continued...