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MSC Bikes shows off

MSC Bikes Australia shows off the select range of bikes at the 24hr World Solo Championships in Canberra, Australia. We had on display our Eurobike award winning Magik Stem, the scale defying 7.5kg WCR Carbon hardtail, the amazing 7.9kg Koncept Carbon dually, the universally perfect Zion Carbon, the legendary F5 downhill machine, the jaw dropping Vendetta, the race ready CX and our ever growing line of perfected components.

We had hundreds of visits to our Expo booth( some say it was by far the best looking too ), with many questions about our bikes, technology and heritage. We did not stop for 36hrs! Thousands of thanks to everyone involved.

Be inspired by The Factory of Dreams.

2011 MSC Koncept Carbon - 7,948grams

Many struggle to crack the 9,000g mark,  few get close to the 8,500g, others can only dream under 8,000grams.

MSC Koncept Carbon RR. 7948g - 'Nuff Said