MSC260 Wheelset - Prototyping

We currently have our MSC300 wheelset available which weighs only 1180grams, but we decided to make it even lighter! We are working on a lighter version of the MSC300, named MSC260. Our prototypes are already weighing in at 1056.5 grams for the full wheelset.

To get a wheel this light and strong we had to pioneer a few new technologies which are totally exclusive to MSC Bikes.

  • ROBOT MOLDING® - A first for the cycling industry, a specialised robot lays the carbon fibre precisely in the mold. Each fibre is distributed evenly and 100% parallel.
  • VACUUM CHAMBER® - A specialised machine that compacts the carbon fibres and resins like no other has done before - Carbon in its purest form.
  • INNER MOLD® - We produce our carbon frames with this technology, we are now working on creating some seriously lightweight components with this method.
  • Polygonal Inner Profile® - A raised spoke bed allows a reduced spoke tension tension and helps us get to the astonishing rim weight of 260grams.

Stay tuned for more MSC innovations - We set the standards!