Our suspension performs better

marketing gimmicks are for cereal boxes

Suspension has the purpose of increasing traction, we achieve this with the following;


Air shocks have inherent static friction by nature. To obtain a coil-like performance (or some say plush) we optimise the leverage curve to be at the highest right at the sag point (0-20%) this allows the suspension to move lots of shock and eliminate shock stiction - the feeling is an extremely supple, smooth and bump sensitive suspension right at the top of the shock stroke. A highly active shock allows the rear wheel to track the ripples, rocks and bumps keeping the rear wheel glued to the ground rather than it skipping and scraping. Keeping the wheel stuck to the ground will give you more traction. More traction means you can push the bike faster or just go harder.


While other brands choose to implement excessive anti-squat to make their bikes "feel" better when climbing or accelerating (and wowing ignorant journalists), employing excessive anti-squat kinematics is actually counter-intuitive for the purpose of suspension. Suspension should be free to move without being restricted by the effects of pedalling or chain tension. This means when you hit a rocky section or approach a technical climb, you can continue to pedal hard and the suspension will work as intended without pedal torque extending the shock. A simple concept, but unfortunately not taken seriously by the marketing oriented brands.


With over 10 years in refining our MPS system and understanding the kinematics of various applications, we are now able to tune the suspension curves to obtain a different characteristic all the way through the travel by radically manipulating leverage ratios in different 'zones'. By increasing progressiveness at the mid stroke, we are able to give the bike a natural feeling pedal platform i.e. it stiffens up which is especially good for weight shifts and aggressive accelerations. We can also control the taper off curve for final ramp up or big hit buffer, this gives the feeling of a "limitless" suspension feel while keeping the initial travel smooth, active and supple.


Function should follow form, we believe in simplifying for efficiency. Our bikes that are made to be ridden on the trail are designed to carry a water bottle in the correct locations (not where your mud guard sits). Stiff rear triangles and forged short linkages allows efficient force transfer which improves suspension sensitivity. CarboFlex rear stays eliminate bearings, friction and maintenance. PF30 allow for maximum material for increased rigidity and simple backward compatibility with older crank standards. (Creak? No! That's an acoustic of poor manufacturing.)


We use the best carbon fiber available, and forge and CNC our linkages. We don't compromise performance over cost - you will never see us use an alu rear swing arm with a carbon front...... It costs more, but the result is a better performing bike and a bike that will make it through many seasons.

Our bikes have consistently received top reviews in international magazines. See Them here